Meeting the Gabon Ambassador

Advanced Vision Morocco Chief Concludes his Second Meeting with Gabon Ambassador in 2018 to Finalize Investment and Construction Plans in the Gabonese Republic:

 Advanced Vision Morocco’s chief executive officer met, for the second time this year, the Republic of Gabon’s ambassador to Morocco to discuss investment plans and to follow up on a previous meeting earlier in the year. Mr Abdu Razzaq Guy Kambogo was welcomed in Advanced Vision Morocco’s (A.V.M.) headquarters in Casablanca on the 12th of September 2018, where his entourage discussed investment opportunities in the construction industry in the Republic of Gabon. Mr Houssam Chafic expressed his interest in being a part of Gabon’s development, as part of his vision for greater investment in the African continent. It was agreed that this visit will be followed up by efforts to connect Gabonese officials with A.V.M’s stakeholders in Saudi Arabia in order to secure support for development and economic exchanges between the two countries.

 The parties agreed to propose a visit by the Gabonese minister of foreign affairs to Riyadh for the purpose of sealing firm commitments from the Saudi side in regards to economic cooperation. Furthermore, the Gabonese ambassador expressed his desire to see A.V.M. become the first of Saudi Arabia’s big companies to open a permanent office in Gabon.