Safety comes first !

Safety comes first:

 As part of its continuous effort to improve the compliance with the HSE regulations, Advanced Vision Morocco has organized a training session (First Aid, Rescue and Fire Safety) held in Siemens WBF project – Tangier. Participants working in projects located in the north area of Morocco have attended a two day seminar and received training on intervention in emergency cases and accidents on site. This was a perfect occasion to benefit from the experience of experts in the field, and on the end of the second day, certificates were distributed to participants.

 The committee was impressed by the commitment of Advanced Vision Morocco staff members working in the Siemens project and their respect of HSE regulations imposed by the company’s relevant department, as well as Siemens and Jacobs regulations. The committee was pleased to know that for the second week in a row, Advanced Vision Morocco has won the “Best worker of the week“ prize distributed by Siemens and Jacobs.