Gabon Delegation to Saudi Arabia

Gabon delegation heads to Saudi Arabia with the General Manager of Advanced Vision Morocco to Finalize Investment and Construction Plans in the Gabonese Republic:

 In the second part of their trip, the delegation moved to Jeddah where they toured the CPC’s impressive mega-factories complex in the city of Bahra, just 40 km from Jeddah. This expansive factory complex was built on land totaling more than 1,000,000 square meters of prime manufacturing space. The factory staff held an impressive presentation in the CPC Head Office for the benefit of the Gabonese delegation, detailing their logistical, technological, and engineering capacity. Afterwards, the delegation continued their tour, visiting the factories of Marble & Granite International Company (MGIC), the United Arab Aluminum Company, the Bahra Cables Factory, and the Binladin Wood Works Factory, among others.

 During the last day of the trip, extensive side discussions took place between representatives of the CPC group and Gabon business owners, where potential areas of collaboration were identified and explored. A follow-up visit to Gabon by CPC Group representatives was also put on the table, where these preliminary discussions will continue. Some areas of interest which were identified for mutual collaboration are: Wood Trade, Airport Construction Services, Aluminum Works, and Marble & Granite supplies. Extensive side discussions also took place between OLAM representatives and Advanced Vision Gabon; OLAM is Gabon’s largest private sector employer, growing and trading food staples, palm oil, rubber, and fertilizer. To date, it is the largest agricultural company in Gabon, employing over 9,000 people. It was agreed that Advanced Vision Gabon would assist the CPC group in Gabon, and effectively coordinate the collaborative efforts between all parties involved. It is expected that a long-term relationship will be established between the parties, which is mutually lucrative for both sides.

 The overall theme which was communicated to all parties is that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the desire to invest in several projects inside the republic of Gabon. Advanced Vision Gabon will assist with these investments by offering technical assistance and construction services, as well as acting as a bridge between the Saudi donors and the Gabon authorities. Advanced Vision Morocco, and by extension Advanced Vision Gabon, is proud to assist in the development of Gabon for the benefit of its future generations.