Advanced Vision Morocco (AVM) is one of Africa’s most relevant construction and infrastructure holding groups. We deliver complex projects across 2 continents, with a clear focus on Africa.


Our people have the knowledge, skills and resources to undertake the most challenging projects. We follow our leadership’s example to provide valuable services to clients, build partnerships in the community, and develop important industries.



        Over 500 employees at your full disposal


A Tradition Rich History


AVM is a tradition-rich company with a history going back decades, starting in the Gulf. Today, we are a multinational corporation headquartered in Casablanca with over 500 employees, and a focal point for construction in the region.


Our engineers create value for clients and stakeholders alike. The knowledge, dedication, and commitment of our employees are the basis for our success.


We provide them with challenge, opportunity, and a mission; they provide us with ambitious effort and success. Together, we generate sustainable earnings and create value for our stakeholders.



Our engineers are the undisputed engine of our growth


The AVM Philosophy


Today, our reputation speaks for itself; a reputation based on delivering projects swiftly, efficiently, and well ahead of schedule.


Advanced Vision Morocco has never been a claim-oriented company. Our focus has always been on honesty, transparency and client satisfaction. This is how we have built trust and good-will with our clients, and why they trust us with their future.


It is striking how much AVM has changed over the years, and how much it has stayed the same. By investing in cutting-edge technology and fine-tuning operations, our company has adapted to the needs of a changing world and risen to meet its challenges. All while safeguarding the same AVM ethics that have propelled us toward a horizon bright with possibility.



  AVM looks to the future with one eye firmly on the past



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Company Hierarchy

AVM Organization Chart

Our Team

Advanced Vision Morocco employs over 500 people across Morocco and Africa.

We recognize that people are our primary asset. That’s why we provide them with the opportunity and encouragement to unlock their potential. Our people work with our clients as a team, and this mutual collaboration provides the foundation for our success.