AVM has earned the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications, as well as the Level 1 Classification Certification from the government of Morocco. The ISO 45001 recognizes the development and implementation of a comprehensive safety program that strives to maintain the safest possible work environment.


Our safety-first philosophy strives to eliminate worksite incidents through pre-planning our activities with safety engagement commencing at the earliest phases of the project. This philosophy, along with our policies, mandatory safety inspections and training programs have created a comprehensive and effective safety organization; and a stellar safety record.



          Safety first! This concept is drilled into our workers.


Core Values


AVM understands the environmental, social, and economic impact of our activities and that it is our responsibility, and in our interest, to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner that supports our performance goals, which are:


  • Client service
  • Community involvement
  • Environmental performance
  • Financial strength
  • Employee health, safety and wellbeing


We recognize the vulnerability of the environment, and our responsibility to protect it.


Social Responsibility


Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share these commitments.


Recognizing that sustainable best practices have changed and will continue to evolve, AVM will lead by example and serve as ambassadors for environmental, social and economic sustainability. We will utilize our technical expertise to create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for our people, clients and the environment.


For over a decade, Advanced Vision Morocco has been involved in several LEED-certified projects all over the world. Today, our business and clients are realizing the benefits of our LEED efforts through healthy work environments and efficient, responsible operations.



To see the rest of our classifications, download our presentation here.