Badr Industrial Park

Badr - Egypt

Key Facts

  • Location:

    Badr – Egypt

  • Surface Area:

    124,695 m²

  • Client:

    Egyptian Armed Forces

Project Description

Badr industrial Park was conceived as an industrial complex with the aim of consolidating up to 500 SME (small and medium-sized) businesses and factories in a defined geographical area in the city of Badr. The project was conceived by by the Egyptian Industrial Development Authority with the aim of providing a positive environment for SME’s to thrive. The SME’s benefit from several advantages from the industrial park, including:


  • Central location
  • Suitable for Businesses, Factories, Warehouses and Industries
  • Easy accessibility from multiple highways, including dedicated roads
  • Reduced administrative and bureaucratic costs and burdens
  • Expedited approvals
  • Favorable tax schedules
  • Green, energy-efficient construction
  • Low regulatory burdens for conducting business
  • Accessible high-speed internet & other services

Scope of Work

System Executed

    • Supply and installation of an underground fire protection network
    • Supply and installation of a fire protection network above the ground
    • Supply and installation of RIA stations in factories
    • Supply and installation of all equipment located in the pump room
    • Testing and commissioning of all fire protection work
    • Training of the maintenance team for the use of installed equipment