Sadat Industrial Complex

Sadat - Egypt

Key Facts

  • location:

    Sadat – Egypt

  • Surface Area:

    441,455 m²

  • Client:

    Egyptian Armed Forces

Project Description

 Sadat Industrial Complex was conceived as part of an ambitious plan by the Egyptian Ministry of Industry to have 22 industrial zones throughout Egypt by the year 2020, with each zone able to accommodate up to 500 SMEs. This latest project was conceived by by the Egyptian Industrial Development Authority with the aim of providing a positive environment for SMEs to thrive. The SMEs benefit from several advantages from the industrial zone, including:


  • Central location
  • Suitable for Businesses, Factories, Warehouses and Industries
  • Easy accessibility from multiple highways, including dedicated roads
  • Reduced administrative and bureaucratic costs and burdens
  • Expedited approvals
  • Favorable tax schedules
  • Green, energy-efficient construction
  • Low regulatory burdens for conducting business
  • Accessible high-speed internet & other services


The following works are being executed:


  • Supply and installation of an underground fire protection network
  • Supply and installation of a fire protection network above the ground
  • Supply and installation of RIA stations in factories
  • Supply and installation of all equipment located in the pump room
  • Testing and commissioning of all fire protection work
  • Training of the maintenance team for the use of installed equipment

Scope of Work

System Executed