BMS Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco is a renowned specialist in innovative Building Management Systems that save energy, time and money. Our equipment, workmanship, and suppliers are without parallel.


 Among some of our specialties are the following installations:


  • Field devices and controllers mounted on pipe and puct networks, panel boards, etc. These ensure the monitoring and control of:
    • Reception stations
    • IP head end stations
    • Servers and middleware
    • Video-on-demand
    • Set top boxes
  • Control devices (2 and 3-way valves, differential pressure transmitters, contactors, thermostats, etc.) and network devices (DDC controllers, routers, etc.) and DGP panels.
  • Variable frequency drives for pumps, air handling units, chillers, etc.
  • Workstations composed of HMI touchscreens for graphical user interface ensuring the visualization of all working parameters for the systems interfaced with the BMS systems.
  • Professional programming and software maintenance, which benefits from the experience of AVM’s engineers who are trained by some of the world’s leading firms in this domain (Honeywell, Delta, Johnson controllers, Siemens, etc.)