Fire Protection and Automatic Extinguishing Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco is a global authority in firefighting, protection, and extinguishing systems. Our cutting-edge systems comply with the most stringent requirements, including the NFPA, FM, and local codes.


 Our fire protection installations include:


  • EN/UL, FM/NF set of diesel and electric fire pumps alongside all relevant controllers and accessories
  • FM-approved fire concrete or steel plated tanks
  • Sprinklers and fire hose cabinets network in compliance with both NFPA and APSAD local codes
  • Fire hydrants and networks alongside pressure-reducing valve stations, and relevant accessories
  • Automatic Fire suppression systems such as FM 200, FOAM, Novel and Ansul systems for electric rooms, generator rooms, transformer rooms, data centers and kitchen equipment
  • Fire trace systems for Panel boards and Low current enclosures