Plumbing Systems


Advanced Vision Morocco’s plumbing systems are based on the highest quality materials sourced from only the most distinguished suppliers around the world. Our suppliers are hand-picked and held to the highest international standards.


Our plumbing systems include the following:


  • Siphonic and gravity rainwater systems composed of ductile iron or PVC Pipes, designed in compliance with all relevant codes
  • All types of boosters, circulating, submersible, borehole pumps alongside all relevant speed controllers, controllers and accessories
  • All types of media filters, dosing pumps, softeners, and all types of filtration equipment
  • Water supply networks composed of PPR pipes, PER, and PEX, alongside isolating valves, pressure reducing valves, and air venting equipment
  • Drainage networks composed of HDPE, PVC, and concrete pipes alongside manholes, inspection chambers, cleanouts, gully traps and drainage outlets
  • Specialized drainage equipment requested for kitchen, parking, and generator rooms, such as grease and oil interceptors, gutters, and roof drains