Security Access Systems


 Vital industries like airports, factories, ports, hospitals and universities need highly sophisticated security and access control systems. Advanced Vision Morocco takes special pride in its state-of-the-art security solutions. We source only from the best of the best, and always in line with applicable codes.  


 We specialize in the following installations:


  • Video surveillance systems (IP & analogue technologies) consisting of cameras, data transmission wiring, data storage, servers and video management software
  • Development of control room with its associated equipment: video wall, workstation and furniture
  • Access control system (IP & analogue technologies) consisting of central station, application software, door controllers, door’s equipment (card readers, etc.), printer, badges and data transmission wiring
  • Parking control equipment: under vehicle security system, automatic barriers, automatic rising bollards, and road blockers
  • Security access detection equipment: X-ray baggage scanner, walk-through & metal detectors, and turnstiles
  • Intrusion Detection System (indoor and perimeter) consisting of active infrared detector, laser detector, Control Panel/Software and data transmission wiring
  • Integrated physical security platform