HVAC and Smoke Management Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco’s industry-leading HVAC and smoke management systems are green, efficient and cutting-edge, selected to the highest international standards.


 Our HVAC works include the following:


  • Chillers, primary and secondary circulating pumps, and all relevant equipment
  • Cooling towers, including all relevant circulation pumps and controllers
  • VRV systems, using the innovative 2 or 3-pipe concept, as well as DX-ducted / High wall units
  • Air handling units, fan coil units, and variable air volume units
  • Computer room air conditioning units for data centers
  • Air Networks composed of galvanized steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, and fire-rated materials
  • Pipe networks composed of Blacksteel pipes, isolating & control valves, field devices and sensors used to ensure interface with BMS Systems
  • Exhaust/Fresh fans, smoke management fans, and all the relevant devices selected to APSAD and NFPA standards

Fire Protection and Automatic Extinguishing Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco is a global authority in firefighting, protection, and extinguishing systems. Our cutting-edge systems comply with the most stringent requirements, including the NFPA, FM, and local codes.


 Our fire protection installations include:


  • EN/UL, FM/NF set of diesel and electric fire pumps alongside all relevant controllers and accessories
  • FM-approved fire concrete or steel plated tanks
  • Sprinklers and fire hose cabinets network in compliance with both NFPA and APSAD local codes
  • Fire hydrants and networks alongside pressure-reducing valve stations, and relevant accessories
  • Automatic Fire suppression systems such as FM 200, FOAM, Novel and Ansul systems for electric rooms, generator rooms, transformer rooms, data centers and kitchen equipment
  • Fire trace systems for Panel boards and Low current enclosures

Plumbing Systems


Advanced Vision Morocco’s plumbing systems are based on the highest quality materials sourced from only the most distinguished suppliers around the world. Our suppliers are hand-picked and held to the highest international standards.


Our plumbing systems include the following:


  • Siphonic and gravity rainwater systems composed of ductile iron or PVC Pipes, designed in compliance with all relevant codes
  • All types of boosters, circulating, submersible, borehole pumps alongside all relevant speed controllers, controllers and accessories
  • All types of media filters, dosing pumps, softeners, and all types of filtration equipment
  • Water supply networks composed of PPR pipes, PER, and PEX, alongside isolating valves, pressure reducing valves, and air venting equipment
  • Drainage networks composed of HDPE, PVC, and concrete pipes alongside manholes, inspection chambers, cleanouts, gully traps and drainage outlets
  • Specialized drainage equipment requested for kitchen, parking, and generator rooms, such as grease and oil interceptors, gutters, and roof drains

Hot Water Production Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco is a specialist in advanced water heating systems used for sanitary, swimming pool, process and underfloor heating domains.


 Our water heating installations include the following:


  • Gas/fuel fired boilers and burners, heat pumps, electric water heaters, hot water storage tanks alongside all relevant circulating pumps, control devices and instrumentation
  • Solar panels alongside all relevant networks, controllers and support systems, thereby ensuring the highest levels of energy efficiency. Combined solar/heat pump systems have been installed in several projects reducing the power consumption for clients
  • Underfloor heating systems composed of networks, insulation pads, SS collectors, thermostats and control devices


Gas Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco has extensive experience with sophisticated gas systems in cooperation with local suppliers and in compliance with local codes.


 Our installations include:


  • Gas tanks
  • Gas networks composed of piping networks, regulators, leak detection systems, and security devices
  • Specialized deluge and fire protection systems for gas tanks

Renewable Energy

Advanced Vision Morocco has designed and built state-of-the-art renewable energy projects across the whole of Morocco, including both on-grid and off-grid installations.


We are specialized in a wide range of renewable energy solutions, including the following:


  • PV solar energy (On-Grid PV Systems & Off-Grid PV Systems)
  • Solar panels alongside all relevant networks, controllers and support systems. Combined solar/heat pumps systems have been installed in several projects reducing the power consumption for the clients
  • Solar thermal system: converting the solar energy to thermal energy by using solar heaters.
  • Wind energy : generating electricity by using wind turbines

BMS Systems


 Advanced Vision Morocco is a renowned specialist in innovative Building Management Systems that save energy, time and money. Our equipment, workmanship, and suppliers are without parallel.


 Among some of our specialties are the following installations:


  • Field devices and controllers mounted on pipe and puct networks, panel boards, etc. These ensure the monitoring and control of:
    • Reception stations
    • IP head end stations
    • Servers and middleware
    • Video-on-demand
    • Set top boxes
  • Control devices (2 and 3-way valves, differential pressure transmitters, contactors, thermostats, etc.) and network devices (DDC controllers, routers, etc.) and DGP panels.
  • Variable frequency drives for pumps, air handling units, chillers, etc.
  • Workstations composed of HMI touchscreens for graphical user interface ensuring the visualization of all working parameters for the systems interfaced with the BMS systems.
  • Professional programming and software maintenance, which benefits from the experience of AVM’s engineers who are trained by some of the world’s leading firms in this domain (Honeywell, Delta, Johnson controllers, Siemens, etc.)

High Current Systems


Building on decades of international experience in high-current electrical works, we have become the leading technology partner in this field. Advanced Vision Morocco specializes in the design and installation of innovative high-current systems for a wide range of applications.


Among others, we specialize in the following applications:


  • MV switchgears and power transformers (oil and dry types) and all delivery and transformer rooms’ relevant equipment and accessories
  • Emergency power generators and buried tanks and all relevant equipment and accessories
  • Main LV Panels and distribution Switchboards
  • Power quality systems: UPS, capacitor banks and surge protection
  • Busbar trunking and all relevant equipment and accessories
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) with all necessary hardware, software and programming
  • Lightning protection (meshed cage and lightning rod systems)
  • Earthing and grounding systems
  • Cable tray and conduits
  • Low voltage (LV) feeder cables, branch circuit wiring, control and signal cables, termination, jointing and splicing up to 1000 V
  • Lighting fixtures (interior & exterior) and wiring devices
  • Lighting control systems and home automation systems
  • Emergency lighting (self-contained and central battery-based systems)
  • External networks (medium, Low Voltage and Low current)

Fire Alarm Systems


Advanced Vision Morocco’s state-of-the-art fire alarm systems are NFPA, EN, and NFS-compliant, as well as up to all local codes and standards.


Among others, we specialize in the following applications:


  • Addressable fire alarm panels, repeater panels and graphical display terminals
  • Automatic detectors (smoke, heat, and linear types) and manual call points
  • Sounders, buzzers and flashing strobes
  • Control/monitoring modules and all necessary interfaces with electro-mechanical systems
  • Power and data transmission wiring
  • Fireman intercom system

Security Access Systems


 Vital industries like airports, factories, ports, hospitals and universities need highly sophisticated security and access control systems. Advanced Vision Morocco takes special pride in its state-of-the-art security solutions. We source only from the best of the best, and always in line with applicable codes.  


 We specialize in the following installations:


  • Video surveillance systems (IP & analogue technologies) consisting of cameras, data transmission wiring, data storage, servers and video management software
  • Development of control room with its associated equipment: video wall, workstation and furniture
  • Access control system (IP & analogue technologies) consisting of central station, application software, door controllers, door’s equipment (card readers, etc.), printer, badges and data transmission wiring
  • Parking control equipment: under vehicle security system, automatic barriers, automatic rising bollards, and road blockers
  • Security access detection equipment: X-ray baggage scanner, walk-through & metal detectors, and turnstiles
  • Intrusion Detection System (indoor and perimeter) consisting of active infrared detector, laser detector, Control Panel/Software and data transmission wiring
  • Integrated physical security platform

Public Address Systems – Audio Visual Systems – IPTV


For the latest in media and communications technologies, look no further than Advanced Vision Morocco. Over the years, we have designed and executed some highly sophisticated systems in palaces, hotels, factories, etc.


 Some of our installations include:


  1. Background music system consisting of matrix controllers, power amplifiers, multi-CD players/FM tuners, call station units, loudspeakers, equipment cabinet and racks, power and data transmission wiring.
  2. Audiovisual systems consisting of:
  • A/V matrix switchers, audio switchers
  • Control units
  • Video conference, audio discussion, audio wireless mic systems
  • Amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Pop-up screens, touch screens, LED screens
  • Video projectors and motorized screens
  • AV/ multimedia enclosures
  • Home theater systems
  • Power and data transmission wiring
  1. Supply & installation of IPTV systems consisting of:
  • Reception stations
  • IP head end station
  • Server and middleware
  • Video on demand
  • Set top boxes

Information & Communication Systems


 Having sophisticated, reliable, and high-tech ICT systems is crucial in many industries. Advanced Vision Morocco is a renowned leader in the design and installation of the latest communications technologies.


Among others, we specialize in the following installations:


  • Development of data centers with their associated equipment: fire extinguishing systems, computer room air conditioning, water leakage detection, raised floor, and underfloor cable management
  • Structured cabling system supporting voice, video & data and consisting of main and intermediate distribution frames, optical and multi-pair vertical distribution, horizontal copper distribution and RJ45 terminals
  • Data networking active components consisting of core switches, edge switches, routers, firewalls, and NMS
  • Wireless networks consisting of WLAN controllers and access points
  • Telephone systems consisting of IPBX/PABX and telephone sets

Infrastructure & Civil Works


 Advanced Vision Morocco’s new fleet of state-of-the-art heavy equipment have made it an infrastructure powerhouse in the region


 Our portfolio includes a large number of civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Our specialties include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Roads and highways
  • Buildings
  • Airports
  • Water and sewer utilities
  • Sidewalks and pedestrian corridors
  • Storm water and drainage systems
  • Pipelines
  • Parking facilities
  • Parks, athletic fields, and recreational spaces